Congratulations & Welcome to Your New LYFE!

/Congratulations & Welcome to Your New LYFE!
Congratulations & Welcome to Your New LYFE! 2018-08-22T06:07:44+00:00

Congratulations and Welcome to your New Lyfe!

We would like to take this time to welcome you to “LYFE” We are confident that your decision to join our team will prove to be both a rewarding and successful experience. The knowledge and experience you will gain through this system, will directly benefit and improve the lifestyles of you and your loved ones as well as your community.

We have prided ourselves in creating a system based on integrity, honesty and growth, both personally and professionally. With the support of the documented experts on our team, you will have access to the information and training needed to ensure a successful journey to a place called financial freedom. A journey you have chosen, “for yourself” but one you won’t have to travel “by yourself”.

We believe our system will create momentum for your business, giving you the ultimate rewards of creating a life style of time and monetary freedom. We are excited to have you be a part of our family all the while fulfilling your life-long goals and dreams.

Congratulations and remember we are always, and in all ways, here to help you along that wonderful journey!  Welcome aboard.

May Success Be Yours,

The Co-Founders

Webinar Presentation & Training Schedule (Please check events page for changes in schedule)


Monday:  8:30pm     (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Corporate Update Call

Tuesday:  12:30pm    8:30pm    11:00pm  (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Presentation: LYFE business Opportunity Presentation & (Call duration 40 minutes)

Wednesday 8:00 pm  (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Basic Training

Thursday: 12:30pm   8:30pm    11:00pm  (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Presentation: 12:30pm   8:30pm  Business Credit and Funding Platform  (Call duration 45 minutes)

Presentation: 7:30pm Credit Repair & Enhancement    (Call duration 35 minutes)

Saturday:  11:00am (All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Presentation: Opportunity Presentation & Training (Call duration 2 hours)

Note:    Always check calendar on website for updated webinars and special conference call schedule

Wait...Before You Go, We Have A Gift For You!!

The Definitive Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair Guide

60+ Page Guide

70 Advanced Strategy Dispute Letters

Dispute Log Sheet

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